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Web Server (Gibbs) Maintenance

Our “Gibbs” web server will undergo maintenance this evening, Tuesday 10/23/2018, beginning at 8pm EDT and lasting until 9pm EDT. Downtime may occur during this window, but should be limited to a duration of 10 minutes max.

Please reach out to your wydraTEK representative with any questions. Thank you.


[Resolved] Ziva – Emergency Maintenance

Beginning at approximately 2:45 PM EDT, our infrastructure provider has notified us about an issue with the physical hardware that Ziva is hosted on. They are working on fixing the issue, and hosting services may be affected during this time.

Please check back for updates. Thank you.


[Resolved] 3:10 PM EDT – The emergency maintenance has been completed, and all hosting services are back to normal. Please reach out to your wydraTEK representative if you are still experiencing issues.

Upstream Provider DNS Issues

Beginning at around 7:10 EST this morning, our DNS provider began experiencing a DDoS attack. This is causing downstream effects where direct wydraTEK websites or services may be unavailable.

Client websites and services are unaffected, but may experience increased latency at this time.

Shared Hosting Migration

Yesterday, our shared hosting environment Ziva was moved to new hardware with a new IP address. All domains handled by wydraTEK LLC have been updated accordingly. If you experience any issues, please reach out to your wydraTEK LLC representative.

Domain Issues [Resolved]

Our domain registrar is currently experiencing issues and some websites may be unavailable. We are currently investigating this and will provide an update shortly.

Thank you.

[Resolved] – If you are still experiencing issues and your domain is not handled by wydraTEK LLC, please reach out to support for further assistance.

Email Server Migration [Completed]

This evening we will be migrating our mail infrastructure to a new environment. During the migration, webmail and email sending will be unavailable. Incoming emails will be queued on our backup MX and automatically forwarded to your inbox when the new environment is online. Incoming messages during the migration will not be lost. Customers do not need to make any changes on their end in preparation for the migration.

Please reach out to your wydraTEK LLC representative with any questions.

[Completed] 6/15 8:20 PM EST – The migration is now complete. If you are experiencing any issues accessing email, please contact support. Thank you.

Cloud Service Maintenance [Completed]

We are currently performing maintenance on our Cloud platform. The service, including, will be unavailable during this time.

Please check back for additional updates, thank you.

[Completed] 2/8 5:45PM EST – The maintenance has been completed and is once again accessible.